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Tennis is an amazing sport to play and watch, and most importantly, bet. Tennis betting is a huge market, and it also lets fans earn money. If you are thinking about betting on tennis, Fairplay is one of the best platforms. Before you start betting, it’s imperative that you fully comprehend all of the rules and many of the subtleties of the game. By doing this, you might boost your winnings from betting and gain a better understanding of your chances of making money. Fairplay offers new customers a 100% bonus up to 100,000 INR, so this is a good motivation to join the platform. If you want to know more details about tennis betting using the fairplay app or website, read below!

How to Bet on Tennis at Fairplay?

If you enjoy betting on tennis, don’t miss the opportunity to open a Fairplay account. It won’t take much time for you to complete it because the platform has made the registration process as quick and easy as possible. You can get a special bonus for beginners after fairplay download on your device. 

Create an account. 

Find the Register button on the website’s home page. There is an option to create a profile the “Quick” way. Choose your country and currency to do this.

Deposit money to bet after logging into your account. 

Enter your login credentials and select an acceptable payment method. 

Find the best tennis event you like to bet on. 

You can get to the Tennis menu in the sports betting section. Select the competition from this page that you would like to bet on.

Place a bet. 

Next, you have to decide which player and market to bet on. Gamblers also need to put up cash and guarantee their bets. If you have done this, you have now successfully bet on tennis at Fairplay, congratulations! 

Tennis Betting Bonuses at Fairplay

A bonus of up to 300% of your initial deposit is available when you sign up after your fairplay app download. The incentive for deposits within the range of 500 to 5000 Indian rupees is 300%. A deposit of 5,001 to 10,000 Indian rupees will yield a 200% reward. All contributions made within the range of 10,000 to 100,000 Indian rupees are qualified for the prize. There is a 30-bet requirement before the bonus money can be spent. If a new customer opens multiple accounts at Fairplay with the same desktop, laptop, or mobile device, they will not be eligible for the first deposit incentive.

Top Tournaments to Betting at Fairplay

FairPlay provides excellent betting options for major tennis events, including the US Open, Wimbledon, and Davis Cup. You can place bets on players, matches, players’ outcomes, and championship winners, with a special emphasis on the Davis Cup. You can also look at various marketplaces for the US Open’s men’s and women’s competitions. FairPlay guarantees a thorough betting experience by covering a variety of tennis markets all year long, including live betting. For seasoned wagerers, fairplay.com offers the widest range of tennis markets, spanning from Grand Slams to Challenger tournaments.

Tennis Betting Market in Fairplay Platform for Indian Fans

Game winner (money line or 1v2):

In this important tennis betting market, you decide who will win the match. Money Line or 12 is another term for this market. One of the players in columns 1 or 2 can be selected. In addition, it has the greatest participant restrictions and the highest liquidity in the market.

Set a winner:

You shall select the player who wins the opening set of the match in this wager. There are frequently more options when it comes to live betting on sets.

More/fewer games: 

Another market that players really enjoy is the under/over games market. They bet on the total number of games that a match will contain in this market based on the line that the bookmaker is offering. You can make a bet on how many or how few games there will be in the competition. To compute the bet, for example, you need at least 21 games in the match (6/3 7/5: 21 games), as you are betting on the presence of more than 20.5 games in the game. You would, therefore, need a maximum of 20 games in the match (6/4 6/4: 20 games) for you to settle the wager if it called for a minimum of 20.5 games.

Handicap Games:

Even though the arithmetic isn’t the best, the playing handicap market is probably one of the hardest in tennis betting. The handicap is the variation in each player’s style of play during a match. Positive and negative game handicaps are the two varieties that come from this.

Tournament Champion: 

In this bet, you bet on the competitor that you think will win in this market. For example, here are all the players you may wager on to win the 2019 Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the year. The player from Serbia, Novak Djokovic, has been selected as the event champion in the scenario below, with odds of 2.40. So, your bet will be profitable if he wins the tournament.


This guide should help you enjoy betting on tennis matches on the Fairplay platform. Start your fair play app download on your Android or iOS device, or use the Fairplay website to enjoy safe sports betting. 

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